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New Features for Digital Voting

We recently enabled a few new features for our Digital Voting system: Ordinals, Accept w/o Objection and Introduction Motions. Watch the video to learn more.

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Quick Note For Our Customers

CHAMP encoders do not use any Java (or Apache for that matter) and therefore no log4j to worry with at all. We cannot imagine the burden you all are under trying to mitigate this risk across an entire enterprise, with machines everywhere likely using portions of this within their code base.   Hang in there – we’re happy to help however …

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Remote Meetings In Action

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we are having many discussions with our customers about ways in which you can incorporate remote meeting software into your video system. We outlined the process in this article but it’s often more helpful to actually see it in action. Below are several examples of how customers can and are incorporating remote meeting software into their …

COVID-19 Business Continuity

We hope that all of our customers are safe-and-healthy in these trying times as all take steps to mitigate and contain the spread of COVID-19. Since we know that our operations affect your own, we wanted to share information about CHAMP business continuity. For starters, CHAMP utilizes a distributed workforce and as such, we don’t rely on a centralized, traditional …

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Rough Cut: Remote Example

In our previous article, we provided an overview on how to incorporate remote meeting software into your video system. To show you what that can look like, Dan put together a quick “Rough Cut” to illustrate what that can look like with our 3-Camera Studio Camera system.

How To Add Remote Board Members To Your Video

With the recent guidelines announced by the White House to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 the topic of allowing board members to attend meetings remotely may be a topic of discussion in your jurisdiction.  The good news is that there is nothing that needs to be changed with your CHAMP Video service to accommodate this type of …

An iPad feature the new Picture-in-Picture feature.


I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to announced this new feature to your video player — Picture-in-Picture! What Is Picture-in-Picture? Whenever a viewer scrolls down to view your agenda, the video player will scroll out-of-view. With Picture-in-Picture (PiP), your video player will automatically anchor to the top right of the page and follow along as they browse your agenda …

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Advanced Media Controls

As a CHAMP customer, you’ve probably grown accustomed to the media controls found in our software. The ability to jump ahead, or backwards by 10-seconds, or 1-minute can be really handy when you’re working with a file and we’ve brought some of those features to your player for your viewers to enjoy. In your updated player, your viewers will now …

Hi There!

Writing the first post on any new blog can be a daunting one. It feels silly. Like you’re having to introduce yourself at a party where you don’t know anyone. At least that is how it feels to me right now. So… Hi! Now that the ice is broken, let me jump right in to what the purpose of this …