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New Features for Digital Voting

We recently enabled a few new features for our Digital Voting system and the video below provides an overview of them in action.

A quick overview of the new features available in the CHAMP Voting system

What’s New?

  1. Ordinals – It’s a small thing but in the Meeting Manager & Board Voting app, you’ll now be able to see the ordinals for your agenda items. This makes it much easier to stay on track when items are moved, or your board jumps ahead.
  2. Accept w/o Objection – This button is for fast moving items like the approval of minutes, or other quick procedural actions, that are done with a quick voice vote. Instead of having to push a vote to your board members, this button Accepts the motion and allows you to move on. Previously this was only available before a second was made. Now it’s available after as well, which allows you to capture a motion and a second.
  3. Introduction Motions – Some jurisdictions have a process where the board must first motion and second an agenda item to introduce it first. To support this, we’ve added an “Introduce” quick action that allows you to quickly capture the motion and second for the introduction. Coupled with the “Accept w/o Objection” feature, you can then move to the main motions.

If you see features listed above that you’d like added to your suite-of-services, simply reach out to Support or by dropping us an email, or phone call. We’ll quickly add the new feature so that you can take advantage of it right away.

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