HDTV in-a-Box

If you don’t have infrastructure already in place or are simply looking to upgrade your existing setup, CHAMP offers two HD camera systems that perfectly integrate into our ecosystem.

Available in 1-Camera and 3-Camera “Studio” solutions, our cameras are easy-to-install and provide you with the ability to stream hands-free. But if you prefer, you can easily switch cameras with the press of a button from anywhere with an Internet connection — you don't even have to be on-site!

HD Camera

High Definition

Capture your meetings in stunning HD resolution. All Camera systems include 1080p HD auto-focus cameras all at an affordable price.

Total Control

Not only are our cameras HD, they also have the ability to Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) which provides you all the flexibility you need to capture the right shot.


Whisper Quiet

10x Optical Zoom

Amazing Quality in Almost Any Lighting

Animated GIF of the CHAMP | Camera in motion

Hands Free

Once installed, your cameras will always be ready for your next event without the need for someone to operate them. Go live instantly with just a click.


Always At The Ready

Stream When You Want To

Zero Staff Needed

No Guesswork

CHAMP |Cameras are a system so everything you need to add HD Cameras to your CHAMP |Video suite of services is included. We'll go through a detailed overview before your system is shipped to ensure you have everything you need.


A Complete System

All Cabling Included

Nothing Else To Buy


“We were blown away by how great our meetings look!”

Jamie Page, Communications Director
Spring Hill, TN

Multi-View Mode

The 3-Camera Studio system includes a Multi-View Mode allowing you to view three different shots in one frame. So, wether you’re operating ”hands-free”, or switching between cameras, you can provide context and give your viewers the “big picture” of your meeting.
Screenshot of a multi-view camera shot

1-Click Presets

All camera systems include the ability to switch different camera angles with our 1-Click presets. You can created an unlimited array of different shots and then change between the with the click of a button.
Preset buttons

Easy to Install

We've designed the CHAMP |Camera systems to be easy to self-install. If you have a ruler and a drill, you have everything you need - we provide everything else. Our step-by-step guide and included support will walk you through the process.
Using a hole saw to install a camera

Studio Controls

With the 3-Camera Studio, you can control everything with the click-of-a-button. 100% cloud controls allow you to switch between cameras, presets, modes, and even mute audio -- from virtually anywhere and all in real-time.

No-Nonsense Pricing

Our camera systems are sold as a one-time purchase and include everything you need to pair it with your CHAMP |Video service. Below are our most popular packages but we can customize a solution for you if you prefer. Request a quote for more details.

1-Camera System


  • One HD PTZ Camera
  • 1-Click Presets
  • Integrated w/ CHAMP Software
  • Perfect solutions for smaller budgets

Ready to Customize

Do you think outside the box? We can customize a camera system tailored to you. Five camera TV studio in a 6 rack unit - with live real-time encoding and "direct a meeting from your house"? Yep, we've got that!