Color Your World

The Status Mini allows you to add insight into your streaming by showing your board members when your streaming and recording. Instead of the full-display, the |Status Mini uses color to discreetly show the status of your stream. Put one in council chambers and place a second one in your office so you’re always aware of what’s happening with your stream.

Super Fast

Start your stream and within a few seconds, your Status Mini will change color to indicate when your stream starts and when you begin recording.

Easy To Use

Plug it into any USB port or wall outlet and the Status Mini boots and begins working immediately. Move it to any room, any location — even take it home!


The Status Mini connects wirelessly to your network and is in constant sync with your CHAMP account. You can even have multiple devices in different locations.

Fully Integrated

As a single-purpose device, the Status Mini has been designed to be completely integrated with CHAMP|Video. It works seamlessly and elegantly.

$500 Each

Like all CHAMP products and services, we believe in simple, straightforward pricing. The Status Mini is only $500 and can be added to any account with Video. Add as many as you need.