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Why Do I Need Flash?

We know, you hate Flash. We’re not a fan either, however in order to view your cameras in real-time you’re going to need to use it.

Do My Viewers Need Flash?

No, definitely not. Flash is only required for this specialized aspect of the CHAMP software.

Real-Time Video?

Your Live stream is typically behind by 30-seconds or more. Why? Because of the method that modern HD video is delivered, your browser will queue up the video and create a 30-second buffer, sometimes more.

The video that you see in the Camera Controller is a real-time stream. Without it, you would be unable to switch your camera as the meeting was happening. Pretty cool huh? Well, for this to work, we have to use Flash.

How To Enable Flash In Chrome

The Chrome browser has Flash built-in, so we usually recommend using this browser by default when you’re using the Studio Controls. Unfortunately, Google is aggressively pushing Flash out-the-door so there’s just one small step you have to take to enable it.

1. Log Into Your Account

Using your Chrome browser, login to your CHAMP account at https://my.champds.com

2. Go to Studio Control

Select “Elements” and then “Camera / Studio Control” from the drop-down menu
If you see a message “html5: Unsupported video format. Try installing Adobe Flash.” in the player, then it means Flash has not been enabled.

Real-time video player when Flash is not enabled, or installed
This is what the real-time player looks like when you don’t have Flash installed, or not enabled if you’re using Chrome

3. Select “View Site Information”
At the top of your browser is the address bar. Next to the address (my.champds.com) is a padlock next to the web address. This is the “Site Information button” and when you click it a drop down menu will appear.

Where to click to select the site settings options

4. Select “Site Settings”
From the drop-down menu, select “Site Settings”.

Selecting site settings from the drop-down menu

5. Allow Flash
A new window will open displaying all the site settings for CHAMP. Scroll down to the Flash setting and choose “Allow” from the drop-down menu. By default it’s set to “Ask” and it needs to be “Allow”.

Allow flash setting

Other Browsers

If you want to use a different browser than Chrome, then you’ll need to install the Flash plugin, which can be found here.

Updated on September 18, 2018

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